A new project: Vogue 9069


Vogue 9069, the pattern I chose for this project

I have not written in a while. Life has been extremely busy for me between running 2 Etsy shops and homeschooling. Upcycling and crochet are still a big part of what I love. So is sewing. My collection of vintage patterns has grown astronomically and so has my collection of modern patterns that I want to make. Enter the latest Vogue Pattern Magazine. It has so many very easy Vogue patterns that look great. I need a winter coat–nothing super heavy–it does not get that cold in Arkansas. Vogue pattern 9069 is featured in the magazine as a reversible jacket–View A on the pattern envelope. That is the jacket on the right with the contrasting collar/hood. The magazine featured purple plaid on one side, black patent leather on the inside.




project fabrics

Plaid fabric and Quilted Patent Leather

For this project I chose a charcoal, red and yellow plaid from Plaiditudes–which I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. For the inside, I chose a quilted black patent leather. I like the quilted pattern better than a smooth patent leather.

I have the fabric, the thread, interfacing, and my pattern. My next step is to go through the instructions several times to be sure that I understand what I need to do. Then I take, and retake, my measurements to make sure that this jacket will fit right.




Currently, my sewing space is the dinning room table (which is actually a kitchen table–I do not have a dinning room.) In order for me to be able to sew efficiently, I must have everything planned out well in advance. For me, this means that I do not bring out fabric or patterns until I am ready to start working with them. The fabric needs to be ironed first (only the plaid, ironing patent leather would be a disaster).

My goals for this project:

  1. To refresh my sewing skills by using an easy to follow, modern pattern.
  2. Learn to work with a new fabric–I have never worked with patent leather before.
  3. To learn how to work efficiently and accurately in a small space.
  4. To create a beautiful jacket.

Stay tuned. This is the first of many posts that will document my successes and failures with this project.

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