Update on Vogue 9069 Jacket Project

project fabrics

Plaid fabric and Quilted Patent Leather

Since my first post, I have not accomplished much at all. I think my fear of matching the plaid has taken over. The lining is cut. I hope to stitch it soon, then I’ll cut out the plaid piece for the belt. The belt does not have to match up with the rest of the jacket, so I will be okay on that front.

You would think that a professional crafter would have a dedicated space to work in–I don’t. My sewing machine sits next to my computer at my desk. When I need to use it, I transport it to my kitchen table. Scheduling sewing around meal preparation takes some doing.

Cutting the plaid fabric will be a huge ordeal. I plan to cut it out from a single layer of fabric instead of folding it so that I can be sure the plaid will line up correctly. That means moving the loveseat and coffee table out of the living room so that I can use the floor as a cutting table. Waiting for a nice day without mud is a must, otherwise there is a very good chance that one of my dogs will come running in through the doggy door and track mud all over the fabric.

Enough on my excuses. Eventually I will get this done. What are your hurdles when sewing? Is it space, time, or something else?


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