Changes: A new look to The Granny Squared

The Granny Squared has changed. It started out as a blog and an Etsy shop that featured crocheted items. Then, it grew to include crochet patterns and doll clothes. On a whim, I added sewing patterns and that is when things took off for me. The time has come to make changes to The Granny Squared.

I still love to crochet, and upcycle. My crochet items have moved to a second shop on Etsy. The Granny Squared 2 is where you will find crochet items and upcycled tote bags. Right now, I have a few items up, but the sewing patterns have taken most of my time.

The Granny Squared is now solely patterns. Mostly vintage and not quite vintage sewing patterns, but my original crochet patterns are there too. You can also find my crochet patterns on Craftsy. I felt that this change was necessary in order to maintain some form of cohesiveness among the two shops. This blog is morphing into a place where I will talk about sewing, crochet, doll clothes, and upcycling.

The upcycled tote bags came out of a desire to do something with the chicken feed bags I have. 18 hens and 2 roosters eat a lot. So do 4 dogs. In order to keep the bags out of the landfills, I started making tote bags from the feed sacks. They make great tote bags. Way stronger then the cheap plastic bags you get at the grocery store. They wipe down in a jiffy and the hold a lot of weight. My large bag can hold 6 dozen cartons of eggs with some room to spare.

So that is what I have been up to lately. Adding sewing patterns to The Granny Squared and collecting feed sacks for tote bags.



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