Take your knitting and crochet skills to the next level

Whether you have purchased a handmade crocheted item or made a gorgeous afghan for your home, knowing how to care for it is important. Properly cared for, most handmade items will last a lifetime. Depending on the type of yarn used to create the item, you may be able to just throw it in the wash. Other fibers need special care. Most handwashed items will require some form of blocking to maintain their shape.

Until I started to crochet seriously, I did not realize the importance of properly washing and blocking my pieces. I took a couple of online classes on Craftsy.com. Three of my favorites are:

Blocking Handknits with Kate Atherley

This class teaches you everything you need to know about blocking crochet and knit items. Take your projects from homemade to handcrafted by simply blocking them after they are completed. I learned that a project is not finished until it is blocked.

Know Your Yarn: Choose the Perfect Yarn Every Time, with Clara Parkes

Should you use wool, cotton, acrylic, or a specialty yarn for your next project? This course teaches you how to choose the right yarn for your project. Great for beginners and advanced crafters alike.

Free Online Know Your Wool Class

Did you know that different breeds of sheep produce wool with different qualities? Find out about superwashed Merino, which wools can be machine washed, and why you might want to seek out breed specific yarn.

I enjoyed these classes and I know you will too. You can view them anytime, once you purchase a class, it is available to you forever. Classes make great gifts too.

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