Whats wrong with this picture?

As I mentioned in my last post, I have changed The Granny Squared to include vintage and almost vintage sewing patterns. It is another side of my creativity. If I didn’t have dogs, kids, and chickens to run after, I would actually dress a lot better. Hard to clean a chicken run in heels.

Sorting through the piles of patterns I have, I came across a few that stuck out as being well, a little off. One of my Pattern Patter Team members said it reminded them of one of those “What’s wrong with this picture” puzzles. I agree. So here are three that definitely have at least one thing wrong with them. Not sure what Butterick and Simplicity were thinking:

Flapper crashes Toga Party. Film at 11:00.

copyrighted image

Want to dance the Charleston? said the Flapper to Cesar, not ever

Santa doing the Monster Mash or maybe he is recruiting because there is a shortage of elves?

Butterick 5042 Costumes Santa

Immediate help wanted. No experience necessary. Must work continuous shift from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Don’t you love it when pattern companies cannot figure out exactly what they want inside the envelope, so they put a little bit of everything into it

Santa is lost, help him find his way back to the North Pole!

Santa is lost, help him find his way back to the North Pole!

What do you think? Did Butterick and Simplicity miss the mark on these?


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